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  • Plan next face-to-face meetings.
    • Format – more interactive than some have been.
    • Mini-talks then open discussion
  • Aim to have 3 meetings in 2020.
  • Location - GSK in Waltham or Biogen in Cambridge
  • Typically have done Fridays 9-noon with good success but since many people do not go into the office on Friday's the Biogen location would be better for a mid-week meeting.  
  • Possible topics:
    • Oncology
    • higher level, more general possibilities:
      • 2 sessions 2 topics
      • SUBJECT Identifiers
      • Technical conformance guide challenges.
      • Tech trends - smart systems
      • Governance
      • QT Tech spec
      • MDR challenges

Discussion items

Date and location for "reboot" meeting

March 26, 57, April 2 or 3 at GSK

Priya Gopal will look into availability and confirm date

 Meeting Topics

Oncology data collection challenges (GSK Priya Gopal )

Technial Conformance Guide challenges (Alexion user-21e89 )

Fill out program detail at next TC.

CDISC support for meeting promotion

Newsletter mentions.

Anything we want to post on the group wiki home page and/or LinkedIn

Dana Soloff and Melissa Cook will put togther a flyer

Next meeting