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Team Mission

To provide metadata models and examples of analysis datasets used to generate the statistical results for a regulatory submission as well as metadata models and examples covering the statistical results.


The ADaM Team develops standards for the submission of analysis datasets that support the creation of statistical summaries for clinical trials. The Analysis Data Model (ADaM) assumes that analysis datasets are created primarily from source data compliant with the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM). The ADaM is described by two primary documents:  the Analysis Data Model (Model Document) and its Implementation Guide (ADaMIG), as well as supportive appendix documents ADAE, ADTTE, and ODS. ADaM metadata are modeled the same way as SDTM metadata, except that there is increased emphasis on value-level metadata, and there is a unique kind of metadata known as Analysis Results Metadata. Throughout the ADaM, it is acknowledged that clinical trials are unique, and that the design of analysis datasets is driven by the scientific and medical objectives of the study. Clear communication regarding the analyses which support these objectives is a foundational principle.


The ADaM team intends to continue to support and enhance the Model Document and ADaM-IG and to support the data standardization needs from the FDA and the Therapeutic-area focused initiatives (e.g., C-PATH, NIH, DCRI).  

2014 Goals

The ADaM team will focus full-team and sub-team attention on the following:

  • Document on the introduction of ADaM methodologies to support ISS/ISE and an integrated ADSL structure
  • Explore integrating ADaM in SHARE
  • Development of CFAST/Therapeutic Area ADaM standards
  • Development of ADaM examples and best practices for questionnaire data which can be applied across TA standards
  • Update Compliance rules for consistency with the current version of ADaM-IG
  • Harmonize ADaM model document with Define 2.0 and better address representation of results-level metadata
  • Continued work on ADaM-IG updates
  • Publication of final versions of ODS v1 and ADaMIG v1.1
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