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The CDISC Terminology Teams support the terminology needs of the CDISC Foundational Standards teams (Protocol, SDTM, CDASH, ADaM, SEND, Defie-XML and Glossary) and Therapeutic Area Standards Development Teams. The terminology teams evaluate all new term requests received through the new term request webpage (, incorporating as much as possible for each quarterly release. All CDISC terminology is vetted through a four week public review period at the end of each quarter. CDISC controlled terminology is published four times per year, also at the end of each quarter. The terminology publication schedule can be found here:

All approved controlled terminology is stored on the NCI-EVS Ftp site here: Additional controlled terminology products can be accessed via the CDISC website here: and here:

CDISC controlled terminology is developed by teams composed of volunteers, using defined principles and best practices. If you are interested in volunteering on any of these terminology teams, please contact Loreen Ortega ( Here is a list of active terminology teams and their meeting schedule:

TeamDayTimeFrequencyLink to CT Team Page Team Lead

Meeting Type

ADaM TerminologyMonday3-4pm EDTWeeklyADaM Terminology TeamStanding
Biospecimens TerminologyTuesday11-12am EDTWeeklyBiospecimens Terminology TeamErin Muhlbradt Biospecimens subteam Liaison: Christine ConnollyStanding
CDISC Glossary Thursday 10-11 EDT Weekly Standing 
CV (Cardiovascular) Task Oriented 
CT RelationshipsFriday3-4pm EDTweeklyCT Relationships Sub TeamStanding
Controlled Terminology User GuideMonday8:30-9:30 EDTweeklyCDISC Controlled Terminology User GuideStanding
Define-XML TerminologyMonday3-4pm EDTweeklyDefineXML Terminology TeamStanding
Medical DevicesThursday 1-2 EDT Biweekly 

Erin Muhlbradt

MDs Subteam Liaison: Kit Howard 

Task Oriented 
ECGTuesday11-12am EDTWeekly Standing 
Cell PhenotypingWednesday12-1pm EDTWeekly Standing 
GeneralFriday1-2:30pm EDTWeekly Standing 


Wednesday 8:30-10:30am EDT Weekly Standing 
OncologyFriday 10-11am EDT Weekly 

Erin Muhlbradt

SDS Subteam Liaison: Melanie Paules 

Task Oriented 
Genomics (previously PGx)Wednesday10:30-11:30am EDT Weekly 

Erin Muhlbradt

Genomics Subteam Liaison: Christine Connolly

Task Oriented
PK (Pharmacokinetics)Wednesday11:30-12:30 EDTWeekly Standing 
Protocol Entities Thursday 9-10am EDT Weekly Standing  
QRS (Questionnaires, Ratings, Scales) TerminologyThursday 2:30-4pm EDT Weekly Standing 
SEND Monday 11-12:30 EDT Biweekly Standing 
Microbiology/ImmunologyThursday 10-11am EDT Weekly Standing 
Variable Definitions TeamTuesday9-10am EDTWeekly

CDISC Terminology Team Charter: Controlled Terminology Team Charter

IMPORTANT All volunteers need to take a short volunteer training and record their monthly volunteer hours here:

Please see these slides for additional information on how to access these resources: VolunteerTrainingAndHours.pptx

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