Guest Speaker:

Raj Indupuri, CEO eClinial Solutions (Mansfield, Boston Area, US)


Standards governance

With the popularity of wearable devices and precision medicine, data is becoming increasingly complex. It is being collected from many sources and can take on various formats. The sheer volume of collected data has also grown exponentially. Now, more than ever, it is critical to build a clinical data pipeline that preserves data integrity and standardization for use across a clinical data portfolio.
Along with the challenges of today's complex data, the pathway from acquisition to submission is not straight forward. There are many different systems that aggregate and prepare data, all of which can impact its integrity.

What are some of the latest tools managing data through this process? What are their benefits? How are they upholding data integrity? Through the perspectives of industry experts, this session will discuss the approach and benefits of integration, as well as the value of building an effective clinical data pipeline.

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