Topic 1: News & Updates from (virtual) CDISC Interchange Europe Conference (27. + 28. Apr 2022),

Presenter: Markus Stoll + All

Interesting Topics/Presentation from the conference:

    • CDISC Core 
    • CDISC Library Browser
    • NNIT (Study Developer?)

CDISC CORE is now available in a first Version with limited funtionality. Free access is possible for all Membership companies on this stage. In a later phase everybody can have free access to the System. More information on CDISC homepage (  

More information/Details about topics from thre IC might be shared once all presentations are available.

Pinnacle21 Webinar on May 18th 

    • Pinnacle Update (CDISC CORE Support)

Topic 2:  New Googlegroups Mailling list,

Issues are reported from at least one meber that information was neither received via the old CDISC nor the new Googlegroups mailing list.

> Markus to investigate. If you have not received the meeting invite from the new group mailing list please send Markus an Email for further clarification.  

Recommendation: Please add the email address to your contacts to avoid it is getting filtered as spam.

Some information about the new mailing list...

Googlegroups CDISC DEUN Mitgliederliste

Hilfe/Info Googlegroups:

The new google mailing list is now in production and was already used by Kurt. For testing purposes Kurt has send the meeting invite of today's meeting to both mailing lists...

a) The existing (old) mailing list from CDISC: deun[at] 

b) The new mailing list: cdisc-deun[at] 

More information about how to join the group is mentioned on the CDISC DEUN wiki welcome page.      

If the problem persist users should contact Markus for further investigation of the problem.

Communication should be send - at least for the time being - to both mailing lists until  the new maling list has been tested accordingly.  

Topic 3:  Any other Business,

Discussion: All

    • Next Meeting in June (17th) is a holiday in some regions (Corpus Christi).
      Question: Shall we shift or cancel the June meeting?
      Decision: Shift to 24th June (instead of 17th )   

    • ADaM draft published for review on CDISC Homepage

    • Team Query: about SDTM Tabulation Certification (from CDISC) - Anyone knows any details or got the certification?
      • No, only a view have heard, experience: This certification is expensive and requires a yearly fee, the certificate is valid for up to 5 years

    • Team Query: Study about potential impact of medication on fetus and whether to use the AP domains or if there is another approach.
      • Recommendation from team: to check the AP Implementation Guide and the protocol whether use of AP domains are indicated 

Next Meeting scheduled on June - 24th 

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