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The german language speaking CDISC user network invites all interested people to participate in the exchange and discussion about CDISC Standards. The DACH network members mainly consists of contributors from Germany, Austria and Suisse, but also all other german speaking contributors are warmly welcome to join our discussions.

If you are interested in joining the german language speaking CDISC User Network and get updates about our Meetings and discussions please subscribe to the Mailing list on the Start page "German speaking CDISC User Network Home" and watch out for the monthly telephone-conferences announced in the User Network Calendar.

  • The list does not share emails with other members. You must be a member of the list to send to it and the list will send the email to all other members. Only members of the list can send to the list

  • Registered members can unsubscribe by clicking the link in the footer of the emails received

  • Maximum size for attachments distributed by the mail list is limited to 2 MByte

  • Expired/bounced emails are automatically removed from the list after so many bounces 
  • Users with new/changed email contacts would ideally first unsubscribe and then simply register with the new email address
  • Registration of multiple email addresses per user is possible, simply register each email address separately

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