Hi all

I imagine you have all been affected by social restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As this has spread with almost unprecedented speed around the world, there are huge research efforts ongoing to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2 virus. 

As many of you will have seen, CDISC have already released their interim COVID-19 User Guide, providing information to assist in collecting and reporting data in COVID-19 trials, and other trials affected by COVID-19 outbreak. Huge congratulations to the COVID-19 task force for their incredibly speedy work in completing version 1.0 of the user guide. 

In addition, regulatory authorities around the globe have responded with guidance for ongoing clinical trials affected by COVID-19. 

I've produced a short video on behalf of the network to introduce researchers to the resources available for COVID-19 and affected trials.

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