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Here are the steps to ensure a successful zoom meeting with translators

For Host Role ONLY:

  1. Invite translators using an email they have a zoom account with.
  2. After starting the meeting, verify assigned translations and click start.

For Translators ONLY:

Step 1: Creating a Zoom Account

  1. Please visit and sign up for a free Zoom account. Your Zoom account username should be your email address.
  2. When creating your Zoom account, you MUST use the email address that you provide to us, which we will use to invite you as a panelist
    1. If you provide us with an email address different than the one that you used to create your Zoom account, then there will be complications in setting you up with the proper access in the webinar

Step 2: Download the Zoom desktop app

  1. Download the Zoom desktop app:
  2. Please note - this MUST be the Zoom Desktop App - not a mobile version for a smartphone (iOS or Android) or tablet

Step 3: Sign into your Zoom account on the desktop app:

  1. When you have logged in, you will see the Zoom app home screen:

Step 4: Join the Webinar through the Link Sent by Email

  1. Bernard Klinke will be sending you a translator invitation for Zoom Webinar. Please add this invitation to your Calendar. Please note that this email will be from Bernard, but will will come from "" If you do not see this message, please make sure to check your spam, junk, and clutter folders. You will receive the following invitation to be a translator:

Step 5: Begin Translation

  1. When the meeting/webinar starts and the host starts translation, the translator will be shown the languages they translating from/to. You will select the language you are translating to. You will then hear the original audio from the presenter/host, and will begin speaking the translation of the audio you hear. The audience will hear your translation of the original audio, and will hear the original speaker in the background at a very reduced volume.

Step 6: Raise Hand to Switch Translators

  1. When a translators is close to the end of her translation time, she will "raise her hand" in Zoom Webinar to alert the next translator to begin soon. The current translator will raise her hand, and with her hand raised, will finish the current sentence she is translating. Then the next translator will begin. Once the next translator begins, please make sure to lower your hand.
  2. To access the "raise hand" feature, please navigate to the lower, right-hand side of your Zoom Webinar screen, and click on the "More" drop-down window. There you will see "Raise Hand" as an option.

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