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Updating Your Profile 

  1. Read the Welcome notification pinned in the #general channel. This notification provides basic information for anyone using Slack during the conference. The #general channel will also include information about participating in our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!
  2. Update your profile. To do so, please click on your name in the upper left-hand corner of the Slack window and navigate to “Profile and account,” and then select the green “Edit Profile” button. Please make sure to update your company, title and email contact (optional). Please see the screenshots below. Please note: adding your email address will make your contact information visible to all attendees that choose to look at your profile.



Slack Channels

  1. There are channels on the left-hand side of the Slack application dedicated to conference topics and exhibitor booths. Some of these channels begin with either the word “topic” or "booth" to note their purpose. 
    1. #booth channels are where you can network with our valued sponsors and exhibitors 
    2. #topic channels are where any questions for speakers should be added. 
    3. #general channel is for event announcements 
    4. #watercooler is for general, off-topic, open discussions 
    5. #cdisc-qa channel is where you can ask your questions for the CDISC Q&A discussion on Day 2 of the conference
    6. If you would like to test the features of Slack, please use the #test-here channel
    7. Having problems using Zoom or Slack? Use the#troubleshoot-zoom and #troubleshoot-slack channels to ask questions

  2. To ensure that you are only receiving the notifications you want to see, you can “star” channels from which you want notifications, and “mute” channels as well. To do so, please right click, or control-click, on the channel name, and select “Star Channel” or “Mute…” as desired. 
  3. To ensure the best experience for everyone, please keep discussion about specific topics within the channel created for that topic.


  1. For translation within Slack, CDISC has added a very helpful plug-in, called Untangle. Each channel on Slack has automatically been set to English, meaning that if you type in Japanese, your text will automatically appear in both Japanese and the translated English on the screen. 
  2. If you would like any English text to be translated into Japanese for you, please do the following in any channel:
  3. Type /untangle

  4. The Language Translation Bot will then show you a message that is only visible to you. Please select the green, "Settings" button
  5. In the Settings window, please select "Japanese" as your personal language.

  6. Now when English text is written in any channel, you will see it in both English and Japanese, visible only to you.
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