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"はじめてのADaM" (i.e. Japanese version of Summary Document of ADaM) Now Available for Public Review – Comments due 5 March 2019

In close collaboration with the CDISC ADaM team, the CDISC Japan User Group (CJUG) ADaM team has prepared a summary document of ADaM v2.1 in Japanese. The team’s intention is to publish a concise and user-friendly document geared toward users new to ADaM. The CJUG ADaM Team followed COP 007  to ensure the quality of the content of this document.

The purpose of this Public Review is to assess the quality of this Japanese summary of ADaM v2.1, not to review the contents of ADaM v2.1 itself as this document is not a translation of ADaM v.2.1.

CDISC and the J3C encourage those using  who use ADaM v2.1 in Japanese to participate in this Public Review in order to contribute to the improvement and quality of the translation.

Instructions for Reviewers

Wiki and JIRA use the same credentials, Register and/or Log in (top right) to WIKI and JIRA before starting. Download Japanese_ADaM_Summary_Document_V2_Public_Review.pdf and open in desktop application for review.

If you have no comments after review:

  1. Click 'Like' at the bottom of the page. This will help us determine who has reviewed the documents.

To add comments from within JIRA:

  1. Go to the Japanese Translation project in JIRA at: (Please note, JIRA may ask you to log-in again. Your JIRA log-in is the same as your Wiki log-in)

  2. Click on the "Create" button in the top menu to bring up the Create Issue form.
  3. Choose the Japanese Translation Project.
  4. Choose the appropriate issue type - "Review Comments".
  5. Fill out the form.
    1. Provide a short summary of your comment in the "Summary" field.
    2. Choose ADaM Summary Document v2  from the list in the "Component(s)" field.
    3. Enter the Line Number the comment refers to.
    4. Enter your comment, and any additional, details in the "Description". To help the team address your comment properly, be thorough.
  6. Click the "Create" button in the bottom right corner of the form to submit.

Public Review Documents 

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