As part of the CDISC Library release on 2020-07-07, users can find example responses and parameters in majority of endpoints specified in the API Documentation.

The primary purpose of these response examples is to show users how values may appear in the response data structure, in JSON or XML format. These examples are illustrations only and not representative of actual CDISC standards and their metadata.

Step-by-step guide

1Go to the CDISC Library API Documentation web page:
2Click on an endpoint to expand for Parameters and Responses.
  • A horizontal blue bar indicates an API endpoint. Each API endpoint has a Parameters and a Responses section.
  • Not all API endpoints have parameter specifications.
  • A parameter may be path or query type. See Swagger's API Host and Base URL for detailed explanations.
  • For example, Get CDISC Library CT Package has specifications for both parameter and response.
3Scroll down to the Parameters section. Where parameters are applicable to an API endpoint, an example value will appear for each named parameter.
4Scroll down to the Responses where Code is 200, example response for the corresponding API endpoint appears under Example Value.

5Select the Media Type to view examples in the corresponding data format.