This document explains the tools and usage for supporting CDISC User Networks.

Wiki Space

CDISC provides each User Network with a Wiki Space that allows users to subscribe to the mail list, announce upcoming meetings, share presentations and notes, and post useful links. This space is accessible by the public without login to ensure new User Network attendees can view upcoming events. If users would like to comment on posts, they will have to register for wiki.

To contribute to the wiki space, a user will need to contact the Network Leader(s).


Each User Network Space has an associated calendar, which is set to the time zone where the User Network is located. The calendar will automatically adjust based on the time zone settings located in your personal settings in the Wiki which is set when you first login (or click the avatar icon at top right and choose settings to adjust).

Mail list

CDISC provides each User Network with a mail list; members can sign up on the home page of the User Network Wiki space. The list does not share emails with other members. Members can email to the list and the list will send an email to all other members. Only members of the list can send to the list. Attachments are limited to 2mb. Members can unsubscribe, at any time, by clicking the link in the footer of the emails received. CDISC reserves the right to send emails to all User Network mail lists about Standards updates, Member benefits, CDISC events, and additional information.

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