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Define-XML v2.1 Public Review 

Define-XML 2.1 is a revision to Define-XML v2.0 that includes a few significant changes as well as a number of fixes. A presentation highlighting the most significant changes is available in the review download package. The Public Review period closes May 5th; please submit all comments before then. The XML-Tech Team anticipates publishing the final version of the Define-XML v2.1 standard after all the Public Review comments are addressed and the final version has been approved by the CDISC Standards Review Council (SRC) for publication. All Public Review comments must be created in JIRA.

Public Review Closes: 5 May 2017

Define-XML v2.1 Public Review Package

Creating a Comment

Login or Register for CDISC WIKI/JIRA

You will need to log in to or register for the CDISC Wiki/JIRA to provide comments.  

  • To register for the CDISC Wiki/JIRA, click SIGN UP in the top right corner. JIRA and Wiki use the same login, please create only one login.

To add comments from within JIRA: 

  1. Go to the Define-XML Public Review project in JIRA at:
    1. Keeping JIRA open in a separate window to capture comments is easier than navigating back and forth between the Wiki and JIRA.
  2. Click on the "Create" button in the top menu to bring up the Create Issue form.
  3. Make sure the project is set to "Define-XML Comments" and the issue type is set to "Review Comments".
  4. Fill out the form.
    1. In the Summary field, describe the content to which the comment applies. 
    2. Enter your comment, and any additional details, in the Description field. To help the team address your comment properly, be thorough.
    3. Choose the relevant section from the list in the Component(s) field.
    4. Include both the specification section number and line number in your comment if referring to a specific part of the document.
  5. Click the "Create" button in the bottom right corner of the form to submit.
    1. Next to the "Create" button is an option to "Create another". If this is checked, clicking "Create" will submit your comment and bring up a new Create Issue form with the same project and review type. This can be handy if you have multiple comments to enter.

Instructions for creating an issue can be found here:


If you have any questions, please email (attentionXML-Tech Team Leads Sam Hume and Sally Cassells).

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