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Thank you for reviewing the Conformance Rules v1.0 for SENDIG v3.0. On this site, you will find:

  • The Guide: The Conformance Rules Development and Documentation Guide that was developed by the SEND Conformance Rules sub-team to explain the methodology used to create SEND Conformance Rules and the logic applied to determine which implementation guidance should be translated into rules.
  • The Rules: A series sections containing rules numbered in sets of 50 (for ease of loading. Loading each set of 50 on your screen can take a few seconds depending upon your internet connection)

To comment on a rule:

  1. On the row for the rule that you would like to comment on, select the blue COMMENT button: 
  2. A JIRA panel (see below) will appear and the value for "Rule" will be filled in with the rule you've selected to comment on
  3. Add a short "Summary" of the topic of your comment in the "Summary" box
  4. Add a full description of your comment in the "Description" box and select SUBMIT on the bottom right. 
    As a result, you will see the new JIRA item number now listed in the same row and column as the comment button:   This is the JIRA number for the item you have just entered.

Example of JIRA panel for the rule ".xpt file name is the domain abbreviation AND .xpt file name":

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