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This is the repository for all examples used in the TAUG-Crohn's Disease - Work Package 2 modules. Examples are labeled (tagged) with the biomedical concepts, foundational standards, and specific data structures that they illustrate. 

Examples by Module:

  • Endoscopy Examples
  • Cross-Sectional Imaging Examples
  • Histopathology Examples
  • Biomarkers Examples
  • Analysis Module

All labels:

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 Domain or dataset

Tabulation datasets:

EventsBiospecimen Events (BE)
InterventionsDevice Properties (DO)
InterventionsProcedure Agents (AG)
InterventionsProcedures (PR)
FindingsBiospecimen Findings (BS)
FindingsDevice In-Use (DU)

Gastrointestinal System Findings (GI)

FindingsLaboratory Test Results (LB)
FindingsMicrobiology Specimen (MB)
FindingsMicroscopic Findings (MI)
Special PurposeStudy Device Identifiers (DI)
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