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In some nutritional studies, a supply of study product may be provided to the infant's caregiver, to be used between 2 scheduled visits. The data collected on this can be represented using the DA domain. NUT-125 - Getting issue details... STATUS


In this study, the sponsor dispensed a number of cans to the subject to use between the study visits. In this study, it was important to note the number of opened and unopened cans returned (i.e., the volume remaining in the unopened cans was not required to be collected); the variable DACAT was used to represent "Opened" and "Unopened" cans returned.

Row 1:

Shows that at the first visit on Day 1, 30 cans of study product were dispensed to the subject.

Row 2:Shows that at the second visit on Day 21, 9 cans of unopened study product were returned by the subject.
Row 3:Shows that at the second visit on Day 21, 1 can of opened study product was returned by the subject.



VISITNUM NUT-122 - Jira project doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it.

 1 ABCDA1011
1DISPAMTDispensed AmountStudy Product


 2 ABCDA1012
1RETAMTReturned AmountUnopened Study Product

2 2017-05-21 21
1RETAMTReturned AmountOpened Study Product


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