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Instructions to Developers

Creating and naming examples

Create each example on a new page and assign it a working name as the page's title. The name will not appear in the published document, so it can be whatever you want (within reason), as long as it will let you and others on the team easily identify which example you're talking about during the course of development, without having to go look it up. In general, this means a relatively short name with a minimum of redundancy. For example, "Frame shift", "HBB", and "Microarray" are much more descriptive than "PF 3", "PF 6", and "PF 10", which in turn are more descriptive than "Section 4.1.3 Example 3", "Section 4.1.3 Example 6", and "Section 4.1.3 Example 10".

If the page ID is visible in the URL even in view mode, then the title contains a problematic character, but the only absolutely forbidden character is the colon ( : ), which will keep include macros from being able to find it properly.

Page templates you can use:

CRF MakerSDTM-based Dataset Example


Labels are space-delimited and lower case. Use a hyphen ( - ) to substitute for a space within a label. Reuse existing labels where possible, but don't feel limited if a new label would be more accurate.

Each example should be labeled with:

  • "example"
  • The foundational standard(s) illustrated - models only, not IGs
  • The domains/datasets used
  • The therapeutic area or indication for which they were developed
  • Any other potentially identifying concepts (biomedical or CDISC-specific), especially if they will help you find the example again later, when you're immersed in developing examples for another project and you haven't looked at any of these in a while, but you think that one of them might be relevant, if only you could remember which...

For example, the "HBB" example mentioned above could be labeled: example sdtm pgx genetic-variation zygosity hemoglobin-beta sanger-sequencing pfallelc xnam refseq rsnum frame-shift sickle-cell-anemia

This is the repository for all examples used in the TAUG-____. Examples are labeled (tagged) with the biomedical concepts, foundational standards, and specific data structures that they illustrate.

All labels NUT-27 - Getting issue details... STATUS :

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Instructions to Developers

Build the table of examples by domain/dataset once all examples (or initial forms thereof) have been created and labeled, using the row provided as an example. The list of all labels for the space will help you identify what domains and datasets to include in the table.

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