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 [AC1]I’m not sure if this would ever come up, but I believe you mentioned that certain portions of the Wiki may only be available to members?

 [AC2]This section 1 is new, as is this defined term “Personally Idenitifiable Information” because it deals with registering an account with CDISC to access the Wiki (ie, CDISC may be collecting user info to set up the account).  Is this defined in the CDISC Privacy Policy?

 [AC3]Does the CDISC wiki allow for this kind of communication?

 [AC4]Does CDISC have this kind of website page?

 [AC5]We want people to freely use these materials, but there may need to be some limitations on use. What do you NOT want users to do with these materials, if anything?

 [AC6]Similar question as above: How might the use of these materials need to be limited?

 [AC7]Similar question as above.

 [KC8]Consider if this commitment is proper.

 [AC9]We didn’t have this language for the Knowledge Base website. It’s referenced in Section 1(iii) above. If it doesn’t seem appropriate, we can remove it. And if it seems applicable, it could be added to the Knowledge Base Terms of Use as well.

 [AC10]I believe we took out the entire notice section for the Knowledge Base Terms of Use. I added this back just to think through since you will have contact information with the accounts.