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  1. Muting your line
    1. When you join webinar, please make sure to cmute your line, so that you do not disrupt ongoing presentations.
    2. To mute your line, please select the "Mute" button, in the lower, left-hand side of your Zoom Webinar screen (shown in purple circle below).
      1. You can also use a keyboard shortcut:
        1. Windows: CTRL+Shift+A (101) or Alt + A (106)
        2. Mac: ⌘+Shift+A
  2. Sharing your screen
    1. Likely, as session chairs, you will not need to share your screen, as the presenters will be screen sharing during their presentations. However, if a presenter has an issue sharing their screen, you may be called upon to assist in sharing slides, while the presenter gives their presentation over audio. 
    2. To share your screen, please select the green "Share Screen" button at the bottom of your Zoom Webinar screen (shown in red circle below).
    3. Please note that you cannot share the screen if someone else is currently sharing. They must stop sharing first.
    4. To stop sharing your screen, please select the red, "Stop Share" button. When sharing, please note that your control panel will move to the top of your screen, so the "Stop Share" button will be there, at the top of your screen (shown in red circle below).