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    • Next Meeting in June (17th) is a holiday in some regions (Corpus Christi).
      Question: Shall we shift or cancel the June meeting?
      Decision: Shift to 24th June (instead of 17th )   

    • ADaM draft published for review on CDISC Homepage

    • Team Query: about SDTM Tabulation Certification (from CDISC) - Anyone knows any details or got the certification?
      • No, only a view have heard, experience: This certification is expensive and requires a yearly fee, the certificate is valid for up to 5 years

    • Team Query: Study about potential impact of medication on fetus and whether to use the AP domains or if there is another approach.
      • Recommendation from team: to check the AP Implementation Guide and the protocol whether use of AP domains are indicated 

Next Meeting scheduled on June - 24th