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This is the landing page for the TAUG-Nutrition. What would you like to do? 

  • Browse the examples: Nutrition examples


    Note: Readers are recommended to use this directory only after reading the TAUG-Nutrition in its entirety at least once.

  • Browse the concept maps: Nutrition concept maps
  • Provide feedback
    • Instructions for Reviewers — Detailed instructions for how to use JIRA to provide feedback on the TAUG-Nutrition are given here.

Other resources you may find helpful:

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Area Standards — This provides an overview of what to expect, and what not to expect, from a therapeutic area user guide such as the TAUG-Nutrition.
  • TA001 - Overview of Therapeutic Area User Guides — This is a free introductory course on therapeutic area standards on the CDISC training campus. 
  • Reading on the Wiki — This page touches on some of the ways the Wiki edition of the TAUG-Nutrition has been optimized for web use, with which a reader new to the CDISC Wiki may be unfamiliar. 
  • TA Specification — This is a spreadsheet that provides information, for newer and proposed domains and variables, on their relationships with versions of SDTM and the SDTMIG.


    TA Specifications were developed to assist FDA in their testing processes, but can also provide implementers with advice on how to adapt the representation of data shown in the TAUG to different versions of the standards. TA Specifications are provided as a resource to reviewers; we are not seeking comment on the TA Specification. However, we would appreciate being informed of inconsistencies in the content of the TA Specification and the TA User Guide.

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This is a

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standard, which means that it is still in development and not yet ready for provisional or general use. 


This document is best read online.


As a courtesy to the Nutrition Team, please still enter comments in JIRA as described in the Instructions for Reviewers if possible.

Comments on the TAUG-Nutrition should be entered into JIRA at: more detail, see the Instructions for Reviewers.