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Welcome to the homepage of the CDISC UK Network

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Huge thanks to our presenters on our last webinar:

Leveraging CDISC Standards for AE Narrative Automation – Carol Vaughn, d-wise

A proprietary, CDASH/SDTM-hybrid data model to expedite clinical data review - Lieke Gijsbers, OCS Consulting and Nele Claes, Janssen R&D

You are welcome to review the recording here:

Will for joining us on the CDISC UK Network Webinar on 23rd November!

Dr William Stevens Ph.D, Nuffield Department of Population Health, Oxford University presented on "Use of CDISC Standards in the RECOVERY Trial of COVID-19 Treatments". 

The RECOVERY COVID-19 platform trial has identified several effective treatments, and several ineffective treatments. Data is collected on an eCRF and also extracted from electronic healthcare systems.

Treatments are added and removed over time, protocols and CRFs are under continual revision, and analyses and regulatory submissions are needed for some treatments while others continue. 

Sometimes disagreements are expected in electronic healthcare data, this means that SDTM cannot faithfully represent what happened to the participant. This presentation will describe the approach taken to create high quality SDTM and use best estimates in deriving ADaM.

Watch the recording here: in touch -

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