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Thank you for reviewing the Chinese Translation of PRM. Please enter your comments using the CDISC Wiki. 

非常感谢您抽出时间审阅CDISC标准(PRM v1.0)的中文翻译稿。请在Wiki页面上留下您的意见。

You will need to log in or register for the CDISC Wiki to provide comments. WIKI and JIRA share the same login. Please create only one account to be used for both. If you had an account before and do not remember your password, click

您需要登录或注册CDISC Wiki账户以提供意见。JIRA和Wiki使用相同的用户名和密码,仅需创建一个账号。如果您之前有过账号,并且不记得您的用户密码,请点击链接,进行密码重置。

If you have no edits or comments to a page:


Click 'Like' at the bottom of the page. This will help us determine which pages have been reviewed.


To add comments using the Wiki:


  1. Select a string of text of at least five words on which you would like to comment.
  2. After a moment, this icon will appear:
  3. From the icon, click the arrow on the right to create an issue. The following box will appear:
  4. Select Project and choose "Chinese Translation" and select 'Issue Type' and choose "Review Comments" from the drop-down menu.
    从下拉菜单选择中文翻译“Chinese Translation”以及审阅意见"Review Comments"。
  5. Select Component and choose "PRM v1.0".
    在Component下选择 "PRM v1.0".
  6. Enter your comments in the Description field.
  7. Click the "Create" button to submit your comment as an issue.
  8. The page should automatically update with your comment inserted in place.
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