12 December 2021, Virtual

The 8thth Italian CDISC User Network Annual Meeting 

Silvia Faini (Cytel) and Angelo Tinazzi (Cytel), who are active part of the Italian CDISC UN as well as members of the CDISC European Committee (E3C), chaired the event.

The day was mostly in Italian, except for the presentations provided by the two guests, Jozef and Thierry. See here the agenda.

Until the next event, the Italian CDISC UN continues to be active with the regular calls, the LinkedIn group and the CDISC wiki page, where further information on the activities of the Italian CDISC UN, together with the presentations of the day (all slides in English):

Benvenuti e Aggiornamento attività CDISC Italian User Network e dal mondo CDISC

Silvia Faini / Angelo Tinazzi (CDISC E3C IBiG)

Enabling traceability using the CDISC Dataset-XML Standard.

Jozef Aerts (XML4Pharma)

What's the Use of the Controlled Terminology?

Thierry Lambert (ADCLIN)

A Governed Platform for collaboration, change management and

Alberto Romanelli (SAS)

ADaM Traceability with Multiple Imputations

Silvia Faini (Cytel Inc)

ADaM Traceability in a Respiratory Trial

Paola Vaghi (Chiesi)

Doing good BIMO and News from the Data Submission Regulatory World

Angelo Tinazzi (Cytel Inc)

Final Q&A, Chiusura

Silvia Faini / Angelo Tinazzi (CDISC E3C IBiG)

A collection of pictures of our virtual speakers:

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