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2013-09-23 - LOINC Workshop TMF


2013-09-24 - DACH User Network Meeting

17th German CDISC UG agenda.doc


Draft EMA Policy-Data-transparency - Monika Kawohl.pdf

Integration CDISC - Rob Jongen.pdf

LOINC Workshop Diskussion Input - Kurt Hellstern.pdf

LOINC_UCUM_EHRs Jozef Aerts.pdf

Semler LOINC Tutorial 23-09-2013.pdf

Summary from the CDISC Intrachange - Melanie Füllbeck.pdf

UCUM_Intro Jozef Aerts.pdf

Zunner_LOINC-Mapping mit RELMA 23_9_2013.pdf

CDASH in SAE Reporting - Nicola Tambascia.pdf

CDASH SAE Addendum Use Case - Kurt Hellstern.pdf

CDISC News - Monika Kawohl.pdf

CDISC rounding - Joachim Blume.pdf

17th German CDISC UG decisions.pdf

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