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20th German CDISC UG Agenda.pdf

02_OpenCDISC Community v2.pdf

03_Questions-Mapping-Cases_2015-03-03_Torsten Petsching.pdf

03a_SUPPLEMENTAL_2015-03-03_Stefan Bordasch.pdf

03b_ECG Terminology_2015-03-03_Marion Friebel.pdf

03c_AG Domain_2015-03-03_Jana Wree.pdf

03d_CV Domain_2015-03-03_Manolya Ezgimen.pdf

03e_FT Domain_2015-03-03_Steffanie Sturm.pdf

03f_RE Domain_2015-03-03_Antje Simon.pdf

03g_SM TM Domain_2015-03-03_Petra Rein.pdf

03h_New SDTM Domains CC and OE_2015-03-03_Susanne Pangritz.pdf

04_FDA Guidance on Standardized Study Data_2015-03-03_Kurt Hellstern.pdf

04_Study Data Standardization Plan_2015-03-03_Markus Stoll.pdf

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