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23st German CDISC UN Agenda Draft.doc

23st German CDISC UN Agenda.pdf

2013-09-13_CDASH 2.0_Eanna Kiely.pdf

2016-09-13_A how-to guide for TS_Nicola Tambascia.pdf

2016-09-13_ADam 1.1_Silke Hochstaedter.pdf

2016-09-13_FDA Tech Conformance Guide V3.0_Marion Friebel.pdf

2016-09-13_Förderinitiative Medizininformatik des BMBF_Sebastian Semler.pdf

2016-09-13_SDTMIG3.3-Batch3_Manolya Ezgimen-Petra Rein-Antje Simon-Jana Wree.pdf

2016-09-13_TAUGs- Overview and Changes_Antje Simon.pdf

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