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This page contains information on many of the tools currently available or under development for use with Dataset-XML files. Dataset-XML is a new CDISC XML Technologies standard developed as a data transport format for representing SDTM, SEND, ADaM, and legacy datasets. Dataset-XML functions as an alternative to SAS Version 5 Transport (XPT) for the transmission of datasets. More information can be found on this standard at the CDISC web site.

Dataset-XML Tool Summary

NameDescriptionProvided ByLinks
  • Transforms XPT datasets into Dataset-XML datasets
  • Freely available
Smart Dataset-XML Viewer
  • Similar to the SAS Viewer, but with additional functionality
  • Supports working with Define-XML + Dataset-XML files
  • Supports SDTM, SEND, and ADaM data
  • Basic validation
  • Open source

Univ. Appl. Sciences FH Joanneum Graz - eHealth

EZ Convert
  • Converts Dataset-XML files into SAS datasets
  • Supports Define-XML Version 1 or Version 2
  • Open Source
Sally Cassells
SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit
  • Dataset-XML support (writing/reading/validation) will be part of the next release of SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit. Updated information will be published at the SAS web site.
  • Support for Dataset-XML is available as a pre-production package that contains SAS macros, XML schema files, sample data, and sample programs to support the following functionality:

    • Creating Dataset-XML files from SAS data sets

    • Creating SAS data sets from Dataset-XML files

    • Validating Dataset-XML files against an XML schema

    • Comparing original SAS data sets with SAS data sets created from Dataset-XML files 

  • These macros are standalone and do not require SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit.

SAS Institute Inc.

OpenCDISC v1.5
  • OpenCDISC v1.5 works with Dataset-XML files and Define-XML v2.0
  • R4CDISC package includes functions for reading Dataset-XML and Define-XML files.
Ippei Akiya

Dataset-XML Test Datasets

The following attached .zip files contain Dataset-XML datasets and a Define-XML file created by xml4pharma from the LZZT test datasets.

The following attached .zip file  contains Dataset-XML datasets and a Define-XML file (including its HTML rendition) created by Marcelina Hungria. These Dataset-XML example files were created from the original SAS XPT files published in the SDTM-MSG V1. The example files are also part of the Dataset-XML 1.0 release package.

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  1. The audio for the YouTube EZ Convert demo is not working.  Could someone confirm if it is working on other computers?  Also, would like Sally's email address.  Thanks, Lise

  2. There is an extention package of R statistical environment, that can read Dataset-XML file and convert it to R's standard data format. Please refer to