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What are "errors that affect conformance"?

An error that affects conformance is a correction to a mistake in the normative content of a CDISC standard, which was identified after the standard has been published on the CDISC website, and which would have been corrected in the current version had it been identified prior to publication. Corrections that require a cycle through the standards development process are not considered errors that affect conformance. Corrections to errors that do not impact conformance to CDISC standards are listed as errata.

What does "affects conformance" mean?

According to W3C Process Document Section 6.2.5 (

A change that affects conformance is one that:

  • makes conforming data, processors, or other conforming agents become non-conforming according to the new version, or
  • makes non-conforming data, processors, or other agents become conforming, or
  • clears up an ambiguity or under-specified part of the specification in such a way that data, a processor, or an agent whose conformance was once unclear becomes clearly either conforming or non-conforming.

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