This page contains information on many of the tools currently available or under development for use with Dataset-XML files. Dataset-XML is a new CDISC XML Technologies standard developed as a data transport format for representing SDTM, SEND, ADaM, and legacy datasets. Dataset-XML functions as an alternative to SAS Version 5 Transport (XPT) for the transmission of datasets. More information can be found on this standard at the CDISC web site.

Dataset-XML Tool Summary

NameDescriptionProvided ByLinks
  • Transforms XPT datasets into Dataset-XML datasets
  • Freely available
Smart Dataset-XML Viewer
  • Similar to the SAS Viewer, but with additional functionality
  • Supports working with Define-XML + Dataset-XML files
  • Supports SDTM, SEND, and ADaM data
  • Basic validation
  • Open source

Univ. Appl. Sciences FH Joanneum Graz - eHealth

EZ Convert
  • Converts Dataset-XML files into SAS datasets
  • Supports Define-XML Version 1 or Version 2
  • Open Source
Sally Cassells
SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit
  • Dataset-XML support (writing/reading/validation) will be part of the next release of SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit. Updated information will be published at the SAS web site.

SAS Institute Inc.

OpenCDISC v1.5
  • OpenCDISC v1.5 works with Dataset-XML files and Define-XML v2.0

Dataset-XML Test Datasets

The following attached .zip files contain Dataset-XML datasets and a Define-XML file created by xml4pharma from the LZZT test datasets.

The following attached .zip file  contains Dataset-XML datasets and a Define-XML file (including its HTML rendition) created by Marcelina Hungria. These Dataset-XML example files were created from the original SAS XPT files published in the SDTM-MSG V1. The example files are also part of the Dataset-XML 1.0 release package.