• 2020-02-14: Initial version


Version 1.2 of the ADaM Implementation Guide(ADaM IG v1.2) was published on October 3, 2019.

For full details about ADaM IG v1.2 visit https://www.cdisc.org/standards/foundational/adam or https://wiki.cdisc.org/display/ADaMIG/Analysis+Data+Model+Implementation+Guide.

Metadata for ADaM IG v1.2 includes:

  • Data structure information for the ADaM Subject-Level Analysis Data Structure (ADSL) and Basic Data Structure (BDS).
  • Variable set metadata. Variable sets reflect the metadata tables provided in the IG document. There are 9 variables sets for ADSL and 15 for BDS.
  • Variable metadata. Variable level details from the IG. The IG metadata tables include columns for the Variable Name, Variable Label, Type, Codelist/Controlled Terms, Core and CDISC Notes.

There are three ways to access the ADaM Content in the CDISC Library:

  1. Using the API.
  2. Using the Data Standards Browser.
  3. Downloads from the CDISC LIbrary Archive.

Using the CDISC LIbrary API

The CDISC LIbrary API provides programmers with access to the library contents to faciliate use of standard metadata within software applications.

There are generic API query templates for requesting ADaMIG 1.2 metadata:


The API can return the metadata content as either Json or XML. A CDISC LIbrary account is required.

Using the CDISC LIbrary Data Standards Browser

The Data Standards Browser provides an interactive environment for viewing the contents of the CDISC Library.

A CDISC LIbrary account is is required.

Downloads from the CDISC LIbrary Archive

https://www.cdisc.org/members-only/cdisc-library-archives (You must be a CDISC member to access the CDISC LIbrary Archives.)

Known Issues/ Changes from ADaM IG v1.1

  1. In ADaM IG v.1.2 the identifiers for the variable sets do not include the data structure name as a prefix.

  2. In ADaM IG v.1.2 no variable sets include a description.


In the IG document, the Codelist/Controlled Terms column in the metadata tables lists either the name of a CDISC Controlled Terminology in parentheses (e.g. (DTYPE) or a list of acceptable code values (e.g. Y, N).

For Variables that use a CDISC Controlled Terminology codelist, the variable metadata returned by the API includes a link to the controlled terminology definition in the library. In the Data Standards Brrowser, the C-code for the published codelist will appear in the Code column.

For variables where the metadata table shows a list of allowable values, the variable metadata returned by the API includes the list of allowable values. In the Data Standards Browser, the Code column will be empty. See Limitations (Staging).

In the Excel workbook export, the Codelist/Controlled Terms column displays either the name of the Controlled Terminology or the allowable values.

The CDISC Library content was extracted from the Analysis Data Model Implementation Guide.url in the CDISC Wiki and loaded directly into the metadata repository that underlies the libary.

CDISC is exploring options for adding metata for examples, rules and other informative content in the future.